RaOna Acres 


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Welcome to RaOna Acres!! We are very excited to share this very unique setting with people on their special day. We are situated on 40 pastured acres with 8 buildings. This property represents a very long and proud history. Once upon a time there were prized Angus cattle roaming these pastures and resting inside these barns. It has changed hands through the years from RaOna Farms to Mahogany Farms to Omega Farms to RaOna Acres. Yet, this place continues to be something people from this little neck of the woods can be proud of. It has stood the test of time and only improved. It is a farm...as it has been and hopefully always will be. The idea of this place is to give people something they may never get...a chance to see a bit of history. Our job is to be custodians of these barns and this land until it is used again as it was intended. Until the day comes when all the barns are full of hay, straw and all sorts of animals, we will safeguard it and share its heritage. If you can respect and appreciate these beautiful barns and all they represent, please come and share them with us! If you are looking for something that is not totally authentic in every way, there are many wonderful banquet halls to choose from that will make your day exactly what you always dreamed it would be. Thank you for helping us maintain these amazing pieces of history so they can one day do their traditional job and continue to grace the landscape with their presence.

RaOna Acres

4900 M-52 (Perry Road)

Williamston, MI  48895